Oct 24
The fusion of Italian creativity and elegance, with modern, minimalist design, gives the Chroma Hotel a unique style. Nothing has been left to chance.  Avant-garde interiors and furnishings, allow every guests’ need to be met. Whether travelling on business or pleasure guests are guaranteed the enjoyment of a tranquil atmosphere, traditional service and high-tech comfort.

In the Heart of Rome

We can be found a short distance from Parco del Colle Oppio, near the Coliseum, the most famous Roman amphi-theatre, which can be seen in all its splendour arriving from the Imperial Forum and the Campidoglio. The hotel is immersed in a historical and artistic area which bares witness to all the grandness and magnificence of the Old Roman Empire.

Ruby Fountain

RubyFountain010In Ruby Fountain the star colour is RED. Red gives a very warm energy, increases the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. It’s the colour of fire, passion and love but also of war - it awakens instinct, desire and sexual excitement.

Emerald Delight

dsc_0276In Emerald Delight you feel rejuvenated, here GREEN predominates, the neutral energy colour which has rebalancing qualities.  It is the colour of nature, of vegetation, of life; it is therapeutic for antonomasia, and favours calm and reflection.

Turquoise Paradise

Turquoise ParadiseIn Turquoise Paradaise BLUE predominates, the colour of cold energy, it has a relaxing effect, reduces arterial pressure, and inspires harmony and peace. It is the colour of emotive serenity and of the deep inner self. This is the ideal room for those who desire to re-find themselves.

Purple Infusion

Purple InfusionPurple Infusion is the right place to stop and meditate; here the star is INDAGO, colours that inspire a cold cleansing energy. It is the “cosmic” energy colour which stimulates the five senses, helps intuition and sustains meditative activity.

Maraschino Mocha

"Maraschino Mocha", dove il colore predominante è il beige, rappresenta il colore della Madre Terra, del legno, per cui si associa alle cose solide e durature. 

Ingresso_Palazzo01The Chroma aims to be is a real oasis of comfort and relax for its guests, caring for their every need. There are numerous services on request, including: laundry, choice of bed clothing and pillows, newspapers, room service, bicycle rental, motorbike rental, mobile telephones, personal computers, printers and fax.

Guests on business can use our business centre or organise a meeting in our comfortable terrace.

For tourists there are other services available including baby sitting and personal shopping guides.